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World Poker Tour winning numbers for Saturday, May 28, 2022? The results are in: do you have the winning ticket?

Today’s World Poker Tour results are in. Here are the winning numbers for Saturday, May 28, 2022

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Since the days of Voltaire, people have been trying to crack the riddle that is the winning lottery ticket. People have come up with schemes, strategies and schemes all designed to maximize their chances of winning, all with little effect. Short of following in Voltaire’s footsteps and rigging the lottery, there is no single winning strategy.

Celebrities, authors, and journalists have pondered the lottery for centuries. Among a sea of ​​quotes, here are a few about the lottery:

People would like to be rich, but they want the easy way. Who wouldn’t want to win the lottery? Just to score. » –Bryan Cranston

My first audition was for a lottery commercial. I didn’t understand, so I hate the lottery. –Kat Dennings