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Top 10 Reasons Brits Try Poker

Poker is an international game, but is the poker community missing out on UK residents? Is there still an untapped market to conquer in the UK? Brits have many reasons to try poker and we list the top 10 in this article.

10. Earnings excluding tax
One of the best reasons Brits try poker is because of the brass tax (or lack thereof). Unlike many countries that impose a tax on poker winnings, the UK does not. This makes it very attractive, especially if you are already a higher rate taxpayer. Unlike other secondary scams, you can be charged 40% or more on anything you win, poker winnings are tax free. There is no income tax or national insurance to pay. So if you asked the question do you pay tax on poker winnings in the uk?? We can confirm, you can’t.

9. Easy to coach
With over two decades of online poker, a wealth of knowledge has been developed. As a result, there is a proliferation of coaching websites available to support Britons in their pursuit of excellent poker. Poker coaching is an effective learning method as it accelerates one’s ability to master key concepts. The only downside is the potential cost. Most sites specializing in UK poker coach charge £100 or more per hour. So if you’re considering investing in a coach, make sure you have a decent budget to start with, otherwise you’ll be limited in what you can find. You don’t want to approach coaches who charge very low because they are likely to beat themselves up.

The UK is full of card rooms for players to take advantage of.

The UK is full of card rooms for players to take advantage of. (photo from Wikimedia Commons)

8. Lots of local gambling halls
Unlike many countries that allow online poker but have very little live poker action, the UK has plenty of card rooms. This means that you can easily switch from online to live play without worry. Most major cities have a Gala or Grosvenor casino and they almost always have a card room. They usually run £100 cash games with £1 blinds or £50 tournaments, so give them a try if you’re free on a night or weekend. Games are usually busier on Friday or Saturday nights and you can clean up if you play a aggressive tight poker style.

7. Possibility to complain more
There’s nothing the Brits love more than moaning! If it’s raining, they complain about bad weather, but if it’s sunny, they complain about being too hot. It’s a paradox in British culture. Maybe it’s because people are reserved with emotions in everyday life that they let them out with a groan? Anyway, poker is a great opportunity to complain. Players love to complain about a badbeat Where run badly So even if you play poker and you don’t do well, you can complain about lose at poker now too.

6. Free time thanks to flexible working
It seems that most of the UK is now embracing flexible working arrangements. One of the benefits of this means people have more free time due to less commuting. It’s free time that you can put to good use at the poker tables. In the past, we were stuck in traffic jams, wasting hours of our day. Now we can use that time to play poker on our mobile or desktop and hopefully earn some other form of income, or at least have fun playing.

5. Softer Online Sites
Sports betting is massive in Britain. Bettors love betting on horses and football, there are plenty of sports betting sites available to UK citizens. The beauty of this is that most of these sites also offer online poker. This is fantastic because it means there are plenty of fish who barely understand the rules trying out poker for fun. It’s virtually unheard of on major sites in 2022, but thankfully still available on smaller sports betting sites for Brits.
Therefore, we recommend that you join a few. Naturally, you should do your due diligence first before signing up and playing. Read a Coral Poker Review or another sports betting site before depositing to ensure they have regular traffic, good customer service and plenty of banking options.

4. Another source of income
Everyone is looking for other ways to make money. This ranges widely from dog walking to takeout food delivery to affiliate marketing. Online poker may be another source of income available to today’s Briton. As stated before, it’s also tax free, so there’s no reason you can’t be a part time poker player. If you are willing to learn and work hard, you can get by, especially with rakeback and loyalty programs.

3. Signup Bonuses
Online poker sites are not as generous with bonuses as online casinos; however, they are always very accommodating to new players. You will often find poker sites rewarding signups with matching bonuses up to a certain deposit limit, for example £600. As you will be new to poker, there will be many potential bonuses for you to claim that other players will not be able to obtain. Most sign-up bonuses have wagering requirements and are paid into your poker account after specific levels of rake have been claimed, as long as you play consistently you can double your deposit in no time.

2. Mentally rewarding
Another reason to try poker is the intellectual challenge it presents. Poker is inherently complex, requiring multiple skills. Becoming a strong player and winning consistently is not only rewarding financially, but also mentally. Knowing that you beat other players by wits and not luck is very satisfying. That’s why you find some of the brightest minds and successful entrepreneurs trying to make it big in poker.

1. Socialization
Finally, aside from the financial component of poker, it’s incredibly social. Visit any game room and listen to the voices of the locals chatting. Plus, Brits love to joke around and poker is a great outlet for that! Whether it is to show a bluff facing an opponent or going all-in against a friend, jokes between poker players in Britain are commonplace. Most card rooms even give players nicknames and it’s a great way for players to interact with each other. Some older players even consider poker their weekly social outing.