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You guessed it; we are talking about Poker. All credits to the widespread adoption of advanced technology make India an emerging market for online gaming today. This tremendous development has helped to grow the Indian RMG (Real Money Gaming) industry at a rate of 35-40% year-on-year. Going through a golden era of glory, poker enthusiasts have been extremely progressive. Round table card games have evolved into PC games, and now with an advanced setup, poker is available at your fingertips.

Poker may have battled some prejudices as a game of luck, but currently it is emerging as one of the country’s “future mainstream sports”. The country’s leading poker operator,, plays an important role in debunking the fact that poker is not just a game of chance, it indeed needs adept vigilance, but in addition to Being a sport of skill, poker is also a fun card game. learn..

Globally, poker grew in popularity through what eventually became big tournaments. Tournaments like the World Series of Poker bring thousands of players from around the world to Las Vegas each summer. Over the past few years, PokerBaazi has launched several tournaments that have now become synonymous with Poker itself. With a monumental prize pool of INR 5 crore, India’s largest standalone poker tournament, ‘EndBoss’ took place from 18e at 22n/a of May hosted by with an even more remarkable season than the previous one. A total of 4928 entries were registered, among which 26-year-old Jitendra Gadhwal from Delhi was crowned this season’s ‘Endboss’, winning the prize money of INR 1 crore! Bothn/a The spot was secured by Eshan Kapoor, a 28-year-old man also from Delhi, who won INR 60,20,000. Collecting an amount of INR 31,35,000, followed the third highest scorer – Bhushan Sohani of Pune.

On the sidelines of the tournament, News18 spoke with Eshan & Bhushan not only about their journey, but also about their vision of poker as a sport. Eshan believes, “Poker is definitely a sport of skill, when it comes to tournaments, no amount of luck can make you survive for such long hours.” Citing his personal journey with the game, he added,“EndBoss was surely lucrative considering the 5Cr prize pool, but the tournament helped me increase my ability to focus while making me patient and persistent”

When asked to comment on his victory, Bhushan said: “Finishing in 3rd place in one of the top poker tournaments in the country definitely feels good. Now I’m probably at the best stage of poker I could ask for – which is to say I’m overwhelmed, under -skilled and dedicated to learning the game better – fundamentally obsessed”.

Bhushan briefly explained his views on the rise of poker and his love for the National Poker Series, another poker event, which has created a glorious scene for the sport in India. He quoted, “In the next 5 years, I see myself in a place where poker will be enjoyed for being the absolute next level mental sport that it is! States have their pro teams and they fight in various formats at the national level to continue to raise the stakes”. The National Poker Series has awarded medals to the best players, with Maharashtra topping the medal charts in consecutive editions. The series recorded over 96,000 entries during its 2022 edition held in March.

Continuing the conversation, EndBoss runner-up Eshan Kapoor gave a dollop of his advice to pool players, “Poker is a game of skill, and as a budding poker player, everyone should find their own path and not try to copy the best players. Enjoy the journey, not the prize. Poker’s rewarding career is slowly unfolding its glory among the new generation, who are beginning to embrace its beauty.

Additionally, online poker has nurtured this new interest in youngsters through super interactive and innovative formats that platforms like bring to its users with the help of its in-house technology team.

In a chat with News18, winners expressed their joy that tournaments such as EndBoss fuel the fire of passion among poker enthusiasts and give aspiring players a national stage. Not only does it provide poker players with the opportunity to delve into the tricks required for phenomenal play, but it also helps them gain insight into their own skills while competing against regular professional maestros of the sport.

Overall, poker seems to be climbing the ladder as time goes by, leaving inspirational footprints among today’s youth as it continues to spark a new perspective among the public. . With its prodigious efforts to flip the cards by hosting events like EndBoss and National Poker Series, is truly changing the poker map for the future.

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