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The Barstool Poker Tour would be a huge success

In case you missed it, yesterday the guys from Cracking Aces went to Dave Portnoy’s show following our week at the WSOP in Vegas and pitched Dave the idea of ​​a Barstool Poker Tour. We didn’t go into details, but we know a round of poker like the Barstool Golf Classic would be a hit. A different casino every month, a few preliminary events, then a main event with a fair prize and a big guarantee. We would make it fun – Barstool personalities would be bonuses, the rake wouldn’t be excessive, and it would be a full Barstool experience. For example, Foreplay could play in the tournament and have a live show the night before. Poker tournaments filled Penn’s hotel rooms, invited people to play in the pits, and offered promotions for sports betting. It’s almost too logical!

It stinks Dave is not on board. But I hope it won’t matter. All other casino companies see the value in poker. For Dave, no, the rake in poker is not a HUGE gain of money. But there’s a reason WSOP champs this year were breaking records. All Midwest poker tours are rock solid guarantees. People just want to play live poker again. It’s glorious. And I hope so much that we will be part of it.

I see criticism about me on Twitter. I get it, I can rub people the wrong way. Shit, imagine living with my brain! I sometimes rub myself the wrong way too! But that’s one thing I’ve never been so sure of. If we build it, they will come. The Barstool Poker Open (damn, we can call it the Dave Portnoy Is God Poker Classic for all I want) would crush. We would be able to sell merchandise, fill hotels and introduce new markets for the Barstool/Penn brands. And if all goes well, we can organize a bigger tournament at M in Vegas around the WSOP. Fun fact – the M used to hold a “secret” tournament every year around Main Event time. We could bring that back.

Hope Davey P reconsiders. We have the casinos, we have the infrastructure, we have the poker boom with or without us. I want Barstool to be part of it, too bad. I want to *Mintzy voice* bring it to people. Chimerical dreams, but hopefully a future reality.

Also shout out to DNegs for the huge shoutout in his Vlog. Which guy.

Not a bad guy to have on your side imo.

During that time, we talked about it, we debriefed the WSOP, Jake went over some of Smitty’s hand stories, and we talked about the “Kessler drama” on this week’s episode of Crack the aces.