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Take your poker game to the next level with these free lessons from Jonathan Little

In an ongoing effort to provide our readers with the very best in strategic content, the Poker school for card players partnered twice world poker tour Champion Jonathan Little’s for free, exclusive tools and training courses.

Currently card player readers can create a free account and access courses such as “The 25 Biggest Leaks”, “Five Day Preflop Challenge”, and “Mastering the Fundamentals”.

You can also check out free poker quizzes from top professional players such as Matt Affleck, Tristan Wade, Lexy Gavin, James Romero and Evan Jarvis.

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You can try a standard or premium account for seven days without any obligation. Standard users can enjoy over 500 interactive manual quizzes, over 200 advanced coaching courses, GTO preflop charts and a community of nearly 10,000 users on Discord. Premium users also get an additional 70 poker lessons and masterclasses, as well as weekly live coaching.

Little’s hugely popular training site offers everything you need to increase your poker skills and learn how to smash the games. Over 120,000 players worldwide have taken their game to the next level with the site.