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Sergio Esteban wins the Irish Poker Tour Main Event in London

The Irish Poker Tour first sailed from Ireland when anchored in London; Aspers Westfield in Stratford to be exact. There will be many more international stops in the pipeline if this inaugural stop is to be believed as it was a resounding success from start to finish.

At some point on Friday night, Aspers used all the available tables in its poker room to host the various tournaments and dynamic cash games. One of these tournaments, the £300 buy-in Irish Poker Tour London Main Eventattracted 604 participants, meaning the £100,000 guarantee was knocked out of the park by over £55,500!

The top 72 finalists walked away with cash prizes to show off their efforts. They included a mix of London regulars, value seekers and an army of Irish grinders who followed the tour overseas to show their support for the fledgling tour.

Ali Zinhi, Chris DaSilvapopular streamer Marc Rubbathanand Bobby James were just a handful of players who helped each other win Main Event wins.

Irish Poker Tour & Championship London Main Event Final Table Results

Square Player Price
1 Sergio Esteban £22,500*
2 Matthew Greig £27,500*
3 Charles Akadiri £13,197
4 Adam early £9,750
5 Stephen Brown £7,343
6 Darren Roach £5,885
seven Terence Simpson £4,906
8 Keith Hoang £3,912
9 Michael Kelly £2,935

Each of the nine stars who made it to the final table guaranteed themselves at least £2,935. Michael Kelly walked away with this award when his tournament ended abruptly in ninth place.

A London poker regular Keith Hoang was next to fall, his eighth place earning him £3,912. Hoang has a solid record in the British capital, with his career-best £71,740 coming from his city play.

Seventh place and £4,906 went to Terence Simpson, originally from Stratford; Simpson would have made an extremely popular champion. The last six became five when Darren Roachcame from Ireland, fell and banked £5,885, before Stephen Brown turned his £300 into a score of £7,343 and fifth place.

The final four-figure score went to Adam early, namely £9,750. Cashed early in the Irish Poker Tour & Championship Galway festival last March. No doubt we will see his name in the payouts of such an event in the near future.

Charles AkadiriAkadiri’s elimination in third came with an impressive £13,197, the eighth five-figure earning of Akadiri’s career. Akadiri’s lifetime earnings are rapidly approaching $450,000.

Head up saw Sergio Esteban and Matthew Greig lock butt horns and heads in one-on-one battle. They struck a deal which eventually saw Greig collect £27,500 and a runner-up finish, with Esteban winning the tournament and his trophy but walking away with a slightly lower payout of £22,500.

Irish Poker Tour & Championship London Side Event Results

Five side events completed the Main Event. Mantas Palecka won the £225 Progressive Bonus tournament, which paid out £12,200 despite being offered a guaranteed £5,000, while the guaranteed £10,000 side event, which cost £150 to enter, ended in a four-way chop with each market maker receiving £1,860.

The £750 guaranteed High Roller with a buy-in of £35,000, which awarded £46,900, saw its final table made an ICM cut. Diallan Patel took home the biggest prize of £8,430.

If two tournaments could show what this tour was all about, then it was £250 Omaha and £150 No-Limit Hold’em. The Irish Poker Tour & Championship prides itself on being player-centric, and this was evident in both events when two players from each tournament made it to the final table but did not receive a prize. This changed when the winner and runner-up agreed to forfeit part of their payout to allow everyone at their final table to receive a prize, which is a fantastic gesture.