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Phil Hellmuth and David Baker test positive for COVID at 2022 WSOP

In breaking news, two players who participated in the 2022 World Series of Poker have tested positive for COVID-19, the disease that has killed more than six million people worldwide and shut down the world for the past two last years. Players Phil Hellmuth and David Baker took in some of the action at Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas, while the WSOP did not respond to this information.

Hellmuth Issues Tweet About Condition

16-time WSOP bracelet winner Hellmuth revealed his positive test to his Twitter followers:

Baker, meanwhile, has remained silent about his positive test for the virus except to inform WSOP officials. Poker News Daily has attempted to contact the WSOP regarding these positive tests and, as of yet, has received no response.

To date, Hellmuth has participated in two tournaments on the WSOP schedule. Hellmuth competed in the $10,000 Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better Championship, event #7 on the WSOP schedule, and the $10,000 Six Handed Dealer’s Choice Championship, event #10 on the list. This means that every player and dealer who was at the table with “The Poker Brat” should monitor their symptoms and, if they become symptomatic, should withdraw from any tournament they participate in.

The pandemic has changed the world

The coronavirus-19, or COVID-19, has certainly changed the world. Worldwide, it has infected more than 533 million people, according to the World Health Organization. It has killed more than 6.3 million people in the past two years since its discovery in early 2020.

The States of America have been the country that ignored the risks of COVID. More than a sixth of global cases, 85.1 million, have occurred in the country. The country has also contributed proportionally to the death rate, with 1,009,326 people killed by the virus in the United States. Vaccines have been created to mitigate the virus, but COVID has shown it to be a cunning adversary. It mutated repeatedly, each successive mutation attenuated by vaccines created but not eliminated. As of 2022, there is no known cure for COVID, vaccines are the best course of action to prevent infection and, if infected, help mitigate the possibilities of serious complications from the virus.

At best, Baker and Hellmuth will be out of action for five days. After that point, they will need to show they have tested negative for the virus to be allowed back into the tournament arenas at Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas. This is just another demonstration of how COVID has changed the world.