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PA Online Poker Grinder Scores Bracelet, Two Circuit Rings in One Month

Most players spend their entire career chasing a World Series of Poker bracelet. Some also hope for the chance to catch a WSOP Tour Ring.

Pennsylvania online poker grinder Christopher Perkins recently accomplished both feats in a single month. He won a bracelet and two tour rings in 30 days, all in the Keystone State online poker arena.

“After winning the bracelet, I couldn’t sleep,” he says. “It didn’t seem real. This is still not the case. I could only dream that one day I would have one. Now I want another one.

With his recent run and online poker skills, don’t rule that out.

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New commercial success on

WSOP online poker launched in July 2021 and the 38-year-old from Town of Ellwood dove head first. He currently plays on PokerStars, BetMGMand

Perkins uses the names online: “i’m sly“on PokerStars,”mooooooooooo” at the WSOP, and “Gail the Snail” at BetMGM.

A full-time gamer since 2016, Perkins doesn’t regret quitting his job as a web designer.

I can’t imagine doing anything else at this point,” he says. “I like the challenges and the freedom that poker gives me.

Even though he doesn’t have a 9-5, Perkins puts on a full workload every week on the online grind. It oscillates between tournaments and gambling, but spends 80% of his time online cash. In total, Perkins puts in around 40-60 hours a week.

Catch gold in PA

All of Perkins’ hard work recently paid off when he collected more WSOP gear in 30 days than many players collect in their lifetime. His trifecta of big WSOP wins include:

  • $400 NLHE Ultra Deepstack (June 12) – 1st for $24,960 (WSOP wristband)
  • $525 Main Event (June 26) – 1st for $21,650 (WSOPC ring)
  • $500 Big 500 (July 12) – 1st for $9,159 (WSOPC ring)

“At the end of the day, tournaments are tournaments,” he says. “You have to be lucky. I’ve played quite a few live circuit events in the past and the closest I’ve ever gotten to a ring was a second place finish at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Moneymaker boom paves way for Perkins

A native of Evans City, Pennsylvania, Perkins got into poker during the lucrative business boom. After watching the 2003 WSOP on ESPN he started playing small home games with friends and online poker in 2004.

After some tough times in his teens, Perkins used poker to improve his thinking process.

“Without going into too many details, when I was teenager, my decision-making was very questionable,” he says. “I always seemed to take the wrong path at the wrong time.

“Poker really taught me to think through decisions, weigh the pros and cons of each one, and come up with a plan to implement them.”

During the pandemic, many players had to adapt their routines. For Perkins, the pandemic pushed him back to when he was jumping into the computer poker action.

“The pandemic has actually been good for my poker game,” he says. “Before the pandemic, I was playing a lot of live money in Florida. The pandemic has forced me to go back to my roots of playing poker online.

Online poker is now the daily basis of Perkins.

“For me, online poker is a much better lifestyle than live poker,” he says. “I’m able to maintain a better life balance when I don’t have to commute to and from the casino and spend long hours in a live poker room.”

Pennsylvania online poker player Christopher Perkins takes his place at the live tables.

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$25 free on first deposit

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Traveling South for the Winter

Perkins is planning a healthy mix of games for the rest of the year. He has just returned home from a stint at the WSOP in Vegas. Even if he did not cash in, he had the chance to play in the Tournament of Champions.

The freeroll for bracelet and ring winners featured a $1 million guaranteed pot. Now back in Pennsylvania, Perkins is working on his online game while preparing for some upcoming live-action trips.

“I will most likely play online until it starts to get cold in Pennsylvania,” he says. “Once it starts to get cold I will probably head south for a while to play some live cash. I will probably go to WPT will stop in Tampa at the end of August, and the WSOPC will stop in Aruba and Cherokee before the end of the year.

Now that he’s achieved his goal of collecting gear, his mind is more on financial stability. He feels he can be pickier about the events he chooses to play.

“Winning a bracelet was a huge relief,” he says. “Back then (earlier in my career) getting rings was all I cared about, I feel different about them now. I’m more concerned about money and less about tournament glory.

“As a cash game player, I just care about improving my win rate and getting closer to financial freedom.”

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