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NBA’s Paul Pierce sued for allegedly refusing to repay poker game loan

NBA The great Paul Pierce has been accused of failing to repay a loan to play a private game of poker.

According TMZwho obtained a copy of the recent lawsuit, Pierce has so far allegedly refused to pay a six-figure debt from a poker game in which he lost heavily.

Pierce had career earnings of nearly $200 million during his NBA career.

The plaintiff, Stephen Carmona, claims that in January he was hosting a poker game and that Pierce was in attendance. Pierce reportedly asked for a loan to play.

Carmona claimed in the lawsuit that he gave Pierce $150,000 which the basketball player promised to repay within seven days. In that poker game, Pierce reportedly lost $140,000, and when he left the poker game, he repaid $10,000 of the loan.

Carmona claimed that in February, Pierce returned for another game of poker. Again, Pierce reportedly asked for gambling money. This time, Carmona reportedly gave Pierce $40,000 to play poker, while he still owed Carmona $140,000.

According to the suit, Pierce lost the $40,000 and quit the game of poker. He still owed the $180,000 from two separate poker games earlier this year.

Carmona is asking for the $180,000 plus interest, according to the lawsuit.

It is well known that Pierce loves poker. In 2014, the NBA legend made a pretty deep run in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker.

His poker game apparently landed him in hot water at ESPN in 2021. Pierce was reportedly fired from the network after posting social media content involving a steamy game of poker. Over the years, Pierce has amassed around $1,300 in live poker tournament winnings.