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Maria Konnikova offers a staking package with a charitable twist

We are only ten days away from the start of the 53rd The annual World Series of Poker, so players are pretty much in their bunkers getting ready for action. These players review the schedule, research which tournaments are their forte, and consider potential play scenarios and optimal play strategies that might arise. Maria Konnikova, who has made a name for herself in the world of poker and literature, is part of this group – but she also seeks to help those less fortunate with her game.

Actions available through StakeKings

Konnikova said in a Facebook post her goals for the 2022 WSOP. “The WSOP is a few weeks away and I’ll be there with bells and whistles,” Konnikova wrote on her Facebook page. She also said she would do something different with her tournament winnings. “This year, I will donate a portion of my summer earnings to two causes close to my heart,” Konnikova said. “Ukraine and the right to abortion. Try to make a small difference, one poker hand at a time.

The reason Konnikova declares “her summer earnings” is that she offers part of her gambling package on the StakeKings support site. “Some of the tournaments are sold out, but there are many that are still available, including the Main,” Konnikova wrote on Facebook. Indeed, a quick look at her package on StakeKings shows that there are still plenty of opportunities to back Konnikova on the felt and perhaps get some payback (sure to get paid before Konnikova books her end). ).

StakeKings offers different packages for players who sell a part of themselves. For example, in Konnikova’s case, she is looking for just over $500 of her $2,500 for Event #3, the No Limit Texas Hold’em Freezeout Tournament. Potential backers can buy some of that $500 (or all of it) and if Konnikova cashes in (or wins), then the backer gets that percentage off the money earned. Konnikova is not alone in this endeavor; professional players such as Allen Kessler, Chance Kornuth and former world champion Joe Cada are also taking this route.

Konnikova’s Journey to Poker Success

Konnikova has taken a rather intriguing path to earn her stripes in the poker world. With a doctorate in psychology from Columbia University, Konnikova has written a variety of books exploring the mind. His first effort, Mastermind: How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes, has received critical acclaim for its approach to helping people with their thought processes. Its follow up Brain been The trust gamewho examined why people are susceptible to scammers and other nefarious people who use the mind to attack their brands.

However, the poker world didn’t notice Konnikova until her third book. A student alongside Poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel, Konnikova spent months perfecting her online game and studying the process with the nine-time WSOP bracelet winner. This dedication to process helped Konnikova win the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure National Tournament Championship and earn nearly $335,000 since then. It also led to his hugely popular third book, The biggest bluff, who documented his journey with Seidel from academic author and poker-powered journalist.

If you are looking to support Konnikova, or any of the other players on their page, StakeKings offers that opportunity. People enjoy participating in the activity because it gives them the opportunity to experience the thrill of “being part of the action” in some way. In Konnikova’s case, it will help two good causes while sweating for some of the action.