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LeBron James snatched Mario Chalmers for $50,000 over an in-flight poker game during their Miami Heat days reveals Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade reveals LeBron James once landed $50,000 playing with his Miami Heat team during a robbery.

When the NBA season is in full swing, players have a lot of downtime, especially when traveling, with no one to spend it with but each other.

Dwyane Wade’s gambling history is well known and well documented. The Miami Heat legend has been candid about the gambling issues he faced early in his career and how he overcame them with the help of his financial adviser.

Playing cards is one of the most proven hobbies in the NBA and sometimes video games too. In particular, the game Booray. And, according to former Miami Heat teammate Dwyane Wade, LeBron James’ exploits in the game have become legendary.

Wade recently opened up about his gaming adventures again, but this time he also revealed a story about his former teammate LeBron James.

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Dwyane Wade reveals LeBron James once won $50,000 in team play session

Wade participated in an AMA with Bleacher Report, during which one of the commentators asked him for his best plane game story. The story that followed was epic, with Mario Chalmers losing $50,000 to LeBron James while they were all on the Heat.

Wade revealed one of his team play experiences with LeBron. It was when he was playing with his Miami Heat teammates on one of their plane trips.

According to the Bleacher Report, Dwyane Wade said, “We played a lot of poker. I don’t know what people consider good gambling stories about losing money. Mario Chalmers was the most memorable. We had a game called Booray. You can play the game with a ghost, and the ghost makes the pot disappear.

Wade also revealed that throughout the match, Chalmers was winning while LeBron James was referred to as the ghost. Wade explained the twist in the story by saying that LeBron James “flipped” the final hand, causing Chalmers to lose in a near-win scenario.

Chalmers has always been LeBron’s Heat kid. The fact that he blew a big buck on one of the Heat’s stars fits the bill pretty well.

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