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Lad Gifts Poker Winner Trip to Las Vegas at Brother for Honeymoon of a Lifetime

Liam Jones celebrated a big moment after winning the LADbible Poker tournament on PokerStars earlier this month and winding down a trip to Las Vegas.

The 31-year-old came top of the pack in the Poker Stars Eventbut in an act of goodwill offered the trip to his brother Anthony and his future wife Aymi for their honeymoon.

However, he couldn’t miss the trip of a lifetime and also booked a Sin City vacation for himself and his wife Kelsey.

A boy won a trip to Las Vegas in the LADbible poker tournament

“I’m still going to go, but I gave it to my brother and paid something a little less than what he left for. I wanted to give him the opportunity to go” , said Jones.

“He went through a tough time with the minute job so I thought it would help him. I could only take two people, it would be a little weird if I took my wife and him so I’m going to take him. I offered so he could take his wife on their honeymoon.

“Vegas is going to be unreal, and I’ve always wanted to go but I’ve been so busy and then Covid hit, and I had a newborn too, so it was never really a priority.”

Jones is a poker regular, taking part in a league at his local Cheshire pub, but that comes to an end, as soon as he hears about the LADbible Poker Tournament and the chance to win a trip to Las Vegas, he couldn’t resist giving his best.

“I always look for tournaments that stand out like that, because then I’m more careful and I’m more focused because there’s a lot more at stake,” he added.

“I’m in a pub poker league and the biggest win I’ve had before was probably around £900, but it’s nowhere near that!

“I had not used poker stars for a long time, but our poker season ended and some guys in the chat had seen this tournament highlighted and asked if anyone wanted to try it out. I only bought once too so it only cost me £5 too!”

“I led the tournament for quite a long time and towards the end I had a lot more chips than anyone else, which helped me a lot. I really enjoyed the tournament, and winning it made it even better.”

“I went back to PokerStars and played quite a bit since. I love my poker and will be participating again this week and hopefully this time it will be to spend money on Vegas!” he added.

The LADbible poker tournament returns this Sunday on PokerStars at 7 p.m. and you can get involved here: