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Jet Boat Poker Rally Fundraiser Donates to SPCA –

Michelle Waites, left, of the SPCA accepts the $1,050.00 donation from Joan Setz.

Emilie Plihal
Southern Peace News

When a loved one dies, family and friends search for a way to honor the person they lost, while ensuring their legacy is memorialized and nurtured.
That’s the truth for Joan Setz and her family who yearned to have their father’s legacy honored, deciding to hold annual powerboat poker rallies in his honor on the Peace River. On August 13, they hosted the 10th Annual Herb Setz Sr. Memorial Poker Gathering with attendees delighted with his return.
“We wanted to have something to do in honor of dad,” Setz said, explaining how the Poker Rally came to fruition. “Dad was the first to bring the jetboat to Peace River. »
Setz explains that his father competed all over North America at different venues and had the foresight to start competing in Peace River.
“Dad told me to raise a $50,000 scholarship to attract other people from different areas,” recalls Setz, who says she didn’t think it was possible at the time. His request was met and his passion for the sport started an annual event that people from across the province and even other provinces and some states can attend.
The rally has been delayed for the past three years due to pandemic restrictions, but returned this year with strong support.
The jet boats departed from the Lower West Peace Launch and traveled a total of 60 miles. The poker rally cost $20 to participate, with proceeds split 50% among the top 3 hands and 50% donated to the Peace River SPCA.
“Poker Rally is fun, a good family event with good food and good prizes,” Setz says.
Setz notes that each year the donation goes to the SPCA, and this year the cash donation was $1,050.
“The first year, we made a donation to the SPCA,” says Setz, who explains that shortly after their donation, she saw the SPCA van go by. “The van was piled up on the roof with food and we knew then exactly how much help they needed.”
Setz says the poker rally will be held again the same weekend next year, as it’s being held on Herb’s birthday weekend. She says all are welcome to participate, volunteer or donate prizes to the rally or funds to the SPCA.