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Ifrah: Nevada casinos ‘change of mind’ heralds good news for online poker

If state lawmakers show a willingness to expand online gambling in their states, the US online poker market could return to what it was before Black Friday.

Romanov, Pixabay

There have been recent developments in Nevada that suggest land-based casinos in the state have changed their minds about online poker and casino games, now seeing both as additional sources of revenue.

Indeed, this was confirmed by gambling attorney Jeff Ifrah of Ifrah Law SARL after speaking with PA Gaming Review.

Jeff Ifra

“I absolutely think there’s been a change of heart,” Ifrah said in an exclusive interview last week. “Nevada legalized online casino and online poker years ago, it never took off on the casino side. It’s mainly because land-based casinos, five to ten years ago, were widely opposed to the expansion of online casino games for fear it will cannibalize their revenue.

“I think they realize now that it’s not cannibalizing their revenue, but introducing them to new customers. They are able to extend their income to new age groups that they did not know before. »

“There is absolutely an interest in Nevada to consider not only online poker, but also online casino games”Ifrah said Nevada’s requirement that players register at a casino before playing online is “not the best thing – it’s a bit of a barrier to rollout.” Another factor is that Nevada has a small population, although this is in some ways mitigated by a large tourist population.