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Event #12: $50,000 High Roller | World Series of Poker 2022

In what turned out to be a quick final table at World Series of Poker at Bally’s and Paris Las Vegasit was Jake Schindler who prevailed in Event #12: $50,000 High Roller No-Limit Hold’em. Not only did the high-stakes pro win his first WSOP gold bracelet, but he also pocketed a huge $1,328,068.

This was another milestone in Schindler’s resume as he beat Brek Schutten in heads-up, removing his name from the list of “best players without a bracelet”. With over $34 million in live tournament winnings, Schindler is considered one of the best players in the game.

Despite a dark cloud hanging over his head over recent cheating allegations, Schindler seemed to forget that. After finishing second in the $25,000 High Roller earlier this week, Schindler finally claimed the top spot on the podium. The Pennsylvania native declined to speak afterward, but it’s hard to argue that he’s one of the best no-limit hold’em players of the past decade.

The last hand of the tournament turned out to be cooler as both players received premium hands. Schindler held the ace-king and dominated Schutten’s suited ace-queen. A king on the flop put Schindler well ahead and Schutten was left draw on the turn.

Schindler put himself in a great position to end the match after making a hero call with top pair a few hands earlier. As for Schutten, he will have to wait another day to try to win his first WSOP bracelet but will still walk away with more than $820,000 for his efforts today.

Final Table Payouts

Square Player Country Price
1st Jake Schindler United States $1,328,068
2nd Brek Schutten United States $820,808
3rd Punnat Punsri Thailand $593,481
4th Shannon Shor United States $436,412
5th David Peters United States $326,464
6th André Lichtenberger United States $248,516
7th Michael Rocco United States $192,570
8th Dario Sammartino Italy $151,942

Last day action

The third and final day kicked off with six players returning to their seats in hopes of winning a WSOP gold bracelet. André Lichtenberger entered as a short stack with about five big blinds. That number dropped to just two before he finally got his chips in the middle against Schutten. Unfortunately for “Lucky Chewy”, he held the bottom ace and couldn’t find any help on the runout.

Next on the chopping block was David Peters which was then the short stack with ten big blinds. In a blind to blind battle with Shannon Shor, both players flopped top pair but Shorr had the better kicker. Improving to two pair on the river, Shorr knocked out Peters who was looking for his fifth bracelet and his second this summer.

For the next two hours, the four remaining players passed chips around the table as they vied for position. It was Shorr who built up a big chip lead, holding more than half of the chips in play at one point. However, two massive pots against Schindler led to his demise and Shorr would retire in fourth place. It was a disappointing ending for Shorr who reached his 14th WSOP final table but has yet to win a title.

Shannon Shorr finished in 4th place for $436,412

Only three players returned to the feature table after the first break, with Schindler holding a clear chip lead. However, Schutten was able to combat this with several three-reraise shoves on Schindler’s raises. Punnat Punsri kept his short stack for a while but with less than 15 big blinds he finally found two Broadway cards to go with it. Unfortunately for him, Schutten held a big ace and Punsri couldn’t connect on the board.

That left Schutten as a two-to-one favorite going head-to-head with Schindler. It was an untimely bluff from Schutten that cost him the lead when Schindler called with top pair on the river. As the chip stacks turned, Schindler was the favorite and ended the game moments later.

This concludes coverage of this event, but stay tuned PokerNews for all the latest tournament updates throughout the summer.