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Decentral Games launches new Ice Poker game mode to attract more players

Decentralized Games has launched a new mode for their popular ICE Poker game labeled Sit-n-Go (SNG) Tournaments, according to a press release shared with CoinCodex.

SNG Tournament Mode allows players to compete for ICE handhelds in a fast-paced, single-elimination tournament. Players can also earn the native ICE and xDG token.

Feedback from the gaming community led to the decision to design the new game mode. Howells-Barby, the company CMO, said:

“We wanted to create a fast-paced ‘entry-level’ tournament circuit, so we developed Sit-n-Go. With blinds and the ability to play on mobile, it’s guaranteed to be fast and action-packed.

He added that with the new model, gamers could hone their craft and eventually accumulate enough to get the coveted All-Access Wearable.

What is the SNG Tournament?

According to the press release, ICE Poker SNG is a six-player poker game with mandatory blinds of 10/20 chips that double every 4 minutes.

SNG has a much lower entry requirement compared to the standard Challenge mode to give experienced players without financial capability opportunities to prove their worth using the Tournament wearable.

The team continued that winners of each game would earn a tournament badge that could be redeemed for apparel, ICE accessories, ICE tokens, and xDG. During this time, the finalist would get a refund for the Shine used to join the tournament.

Players must purchase a Tournament, Flex, or All Access wearable to participate. A tournament handheld device can only be used during SNG tournaments, while players can only use Flex handheld devices on the ICE Poker Flex app.

Players can use the All Access portable on Decentraland and Flex apps.

Decentral Games Ice Poker NFTs had an average price of 0.41 ETH on August 18, according to data from OpenSea.

A Footprint Analytics report also showed that its user count peaked at over 8,000 in December 2021.

Meanwhile, native tokens on the ICE and DG blockchain gaming platform fell more than 2%.