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Ahead of the biggest season for The us casinos in 2021, one gaming hotspot is hedging

The residence usually wins, but this year it took the opposition’s cards off the table and took them away from the table. The American Gaming Association unveiled US casinos on Thursday.

The house usually wins, and this year it swept the opposition off the card table.

The American Gaming Association said on Thursday that US casinos had already surpassed the record for most money won in a single year, raking in $44.2 billion as of November, beating the previous mark of $43.6 billion set in 2019. That hasn’t prevented one of the country’s main gambling centers from planning to raise tens f millions of dollars to bankroll a diversification strategy away from the business loans in california.

A Time f Whales

Gambling came to a standstill last year when epidemic lockdowns forced the closure of America’s largest casinos. However, although other businesses had varying results in 2021, sin is unmistakably in. For eight consecutive months, the US gambling sector generated more than $4 billion in monthly gambling income – before 2021, monthly revenue had never exceeded $4 billion.

Most significantly, brick-and-mortar activity is driving the recovery – casino visits generated $3.97 billion in October, or 16% higher than pre-pandemic October 2019.

That is not to say that last year’s shock — in which US gambling revenue plunged 31% — hasn’t prompted some serious reflection. Indeed, Tunica County, Mississippi – the casino center of the South — is betting on more healthy activities:

Tunica — one of the top six revenue-generating gambling destinations in the United States — will sell $148 million in urban renewal revenue bonds next week to fund the construction of a family-oriented complex featuring a water theme park, and youth sports facilities, two hotels, and a convention center.

County officials cite the increased number of casinos in surrounding states as evidence of the need to diversify, projecting that the less shady establishments would earn $35 million in income in 2022, $104 million in 2025, and $124 million in 2031.

Americans gambled a record $7 billion on games in October, raising the year’s total to $42 billion, more than double the figure for all of 2020.

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