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7 Working Strategies to Win More Often at Micro Limit Poker

If you want to play micro stakes, also known as micro limit poker tables, using the right micro poker strategies is essential if you want to win. It’s not always easy to achieve the goals, but the micro poker strategies below will help you get the results you’re looking for.

But before this article goes into detail, you should know that micro limit poker tables can be very complicated. To reach the top, you need to overcome the learning curve and consider the following strategies. And also, don’t forget that you can play micro poker on the best online casinos in Canada and the United States.

1. Choose the right table

Whether you really want to be successful at the micro limit poker tables right from the start, it’s essential to do your research and choose the table that appeals to you the most. Always look for tables with a good number of players and possibly with a VPIP (voluntarily putting money in the pot) higher than 40%. If they play a number of hands higher than this percentage, this table can be a good alternative to play. But it is also important to choose the right place to play successfully real money poker at the best poker casinos.

Also, it is recommended to choose the seat to the left of these types of players – this increases your chances of winning. If you have a recreational player position, it will be easier for you to win, or as you would say in poker, to smash.

Remember that if there is no such player at the table, it will be better to change tables. It is important that you keep this in mind: If a table does not give you reasons to continue playing, do not hesitate and change. You should only stay at tables that give you a real reason to continue playing poker.

2. Pay attention to the number of simultaneous tables

Numerous studies have shown that a good number of players choose to open several tables simultaneously and this can easily overwhelm them. If you really want to play multiple tables simultaneously, the best thing to do is to make sure the tables are recreational. And of course, you have to choose a good place to have more opportunities.

In turn, the player will only be able to take this path if he is able to make good decisions at the same time. Otherwise, it is better to start with a single table. In the future, it will be time to bet on simultaneous tables. The important thing is to be clear about your limits as a player in order to get a good experience in the world of micro poker.

3. Play with your best hands

One of the best strategies for winning at micro limit poker is to play with your best hands. Don’t get carried away and try to play bluffs based on advanced check/raises on the river. You will be called by your opponents with bottom pair if you try to steal a pot. Micro limit poker players don’t think as far ahead as they could, and you’d have to play a level above them to beat them.

4. Take advantage of the HUD

It is really important to take advantage of the HUD (“heads up display”) to enjoy better results. To reap rewards, look directly at the VPIP. The objective is to find a player who has a value equal to or greater than 40%. To obtain this data, all you have to do is use one of the many HUD software programs currently available on the market.

The best known is Hold’em Manager 3, but you can opt for others such as Poker Tracker 4. The programs still record information about players and their moves, so getting information from them is very simple. You just have to look at the HUDs of the players you are interested in and then analyze their behavior at the table.

The tool can be useful whether you play at a single table or at several. Thanks to the analysis of the games, the increase in the rate of profit is facilitated.

5. You don’t have to play on Zoom

Another strategy to be able to win at this type of table is not choosing to play on Zoom or other similar table types. Remember that if you choose to play Zoom, you will not be able to choose a table and therefore it will be very difficult for you to follow the strategies above.

When playing on Zoom, you will see that you are playing against many players without information about them. This means that in a way you are playing a bit blind and of course you cannot tell which player is recreational. And not only will you not know them, but you will also not have the opportunity to sit to their left to enjoy them.

6. Stick to your plan and budget

Another important tip for winning at micro limit poker is to stick to your game plan. Always make sure you have a decent bankroll. If you don’t, you could go broke playing micro stakes. It’s easy to lose all your money playing micro stakes, but the key is to have a game plan and stick to it. This way you can even triple your results.

7. Isolate yourself with hobbies

Many times, the hardest part is finding hobbies. But once you find them, it’s important to follow the rules to take advantage of them. As this article mentioned, sitting on the left is essential. And once you’re in the right position, it’s time to stack it. You must do it before the others.

Last word

You won’t achieve the same success as the average player in micro limit play if you don’t use good micro poker playing strategy. Hopefully these seven tips will help you improve your poker strategy and you can easily play real money poker at the best poker casinos. Either way, good luck to you!