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5 things players can learn from poker players

Esports has exploded in recent years and this industry has seen a great expansion. Not only is the younger generation interested in this market, but many companies and sponsors have also seen the opportunity for commercial spin-offs. The number of players and gaming teams keeps increasing globally and the competitions are getting more and more exciting.

Nevertheless, players should not only practice their gaming skills but also improve their psychological skills. Professional poker players can serve as a great example, and we’ve explored what esports players can learn from them to improve their gaming success.

Mental and physical stamina

When we watch players or poker players in action, we usually wish we were in their shoes. While these activities are great fun, we don’t see the other, more difficult side very often. Playing multi-hour sessions at a poker table requires a high level of physical and mental endurance.

Even if you are playing poker online, you still need to be fully focused and physically resilient. If you don’t believe it, try the best poker sites in Malaysia from this spring, and you will be reassured. During these long sessions, a small mistake can cost you real money when playing poker.

Long sessions are just one of the many common things between esports and poker. Your participation in esports could be worthless without mental and physical stamina while playing. The best poker players have their ways of overcoming these challenges and the stress of sitting at the poker table for hours and hours. to maintain a high level of concentration.

Gamers could use similar techniques to improve their performance and stand out from the competition. However, it’s not that easy and the best players can do it. Do you remember when you had math tests in high school? They also required sitting at the desk and staying focused on tasks, but usually only lasted an hour.

Poker players and gamers usually sit around and play all day, and they need to be constantly alert. If you, as a player, build strong resilience against these challenges, you can perform better.

Hand-eye coordination

We train our hand-eye coordination in everyday activities, from slicing bread to playing games and poker. In fact, this coordination is crucial in almost all the activities we perform on a daily basis. For poker players, especially when played online, this can provide an edge during play. The ability to process information at a glance is very important, especially when online poker players have over a dozen tables in front of them.

Poker players have to go through all the tables quickly and make the right choices at each one. Apart from focusing, it also requires exceptional hand-eye coordination. Hand-eye coordination is also essential for esports players. A player must use at least three inputs during game action: a mouse, a keyboard, and eyes.

Depending on the complexity of the game, the number of calculations per minute increases significantly. As the player processes all this information, he must also perform an action using a keyboard or mouse. Therefore, those who have tried playing poker on 24 tables simultaneously will certainly find it easier to play more complex esports games.

Pressure management

Playing a game to the best of your ability, regardless of the situation, can be a turning point in your favor. Poker players are continually faced with these circumstances, and pressure management skills can improve their gameplay. Don’t forget that professional poker stars can win seven figure prizes in the most prestigious tournaments.

Sometimes it’s not just about the strength of a hand you have. Keeping your mind sharp and your nerves cool can help you turn a weak hand into a winning one. Thriving under pressure can also help esports players improve their performance. For example, playing Warcraft and Starcraft requires great mental resilience.

Players need to show their skills in handling pressure and their willingness to play the best they can. If you, as a player, stay calm and focused on the big tournaments, you will increase your chances of success. Today, 30,000 fans can attend gigantic finals!

Assemble parts of information

Poker is a game with partial information, unlike chess for example, where all positions and combinations are available at the start of the game. Poker players only have a few pieces of a puzzle and they need to figure out the mysterious parts during play. On the other hand, poker is a very competitive game, and the ability to predict potential developments is a big asset for professional poker players.

Likewise, many esports games have the same starting point as poker. Players must find the missing pieces of the puzzle to come out on top. While you may have an idea of ​​what’s going to happen next, you never know how it’s going to turn out.

Adaptive decision making

When playing esports games, as well as poker, the outcome doesn’t just depend on your skill. Focusing solely on your gameplay produces a one-dimensional approach to the challenge. However, if you analyze the strategies of the opponents, it could improve your chances of success. The best poker players have the ability to “read” the minds of other players at the table.

If poker players can anticipate what cards their opponent might have, they can adapt their decisions to suit the situation. Of course, this skill is not easy to develop, but those who succeed are more likely to win. Players of strategy-based esports games can use this approach to increase their success rate.

Apart from showing your playing skills, you should also pay attention to the opponent’s tactics and consider them before making your next move. The ability to adapt your approach depending on the rival’s strategy can help you reveal new aspects of the game and improve your playing skills.


We have seen from the above that esports players and poker players have a lot in common. They can develop a similar set of skills to succeed in their profession. If you want to become a professional player, also start following professional poker players and analyze their gameplay.

It can help you become a better player and eventually propel you into the top tier of this industry!